About Us
The unifying idea

To create an urban mobility solution for cities, which is currently the best application of electric powertrains.

Launched in spring 2019, FUELL’s mission is to reinvent the pleasure of riding. FUELL started with the unexpected encounter and the Franco-American convergence between Erik Buell and Francois-Xavier Terny. Seasoned entrepreneurs and experts in two-wheeled vehicles, their unifying idea was to develop a unique range of vehicles for the new urban adventurers, thanks to the freedom of design, engineering and distribution that is unique to electric.

From this union was first born «Flluid», their first vehicle to market: a premium electric bicycle including features that place it among the very best e-bikes on the market: best in class components, a range of 200 kilometres and pedal assistance up to 32 km/h.

Erik Buell


Erik is the founder of the Buell Motorcycle Company, which eventually merged with Harley-Davidson from 1993 to 2009.

He is a pioneer of modern race motorcycle technology. He created some of the most innovative and usable motorcycles to date, using inventions like a hollow aluminum frame to house the fuel and create chassis rigidity. More than 130,000 motorcycles with the Buell name have been produced to date.

François-Xavier Terny


François-Xavier began his professional path in 1991 as a strategic consultant with Bain & Co, then created his own consulting firm, Masaï, in 1996 as a firm specializing in cost optimization. Masaï enjoyed rapid growth, addressing a growing concern within corporations for cost control and cost optimization. Since 2008, François-Xavier continued his path as an entrepreneur, investing time and money in several start-ups including motorcycle ventures. With an advanced take on design and new ideas and approaches to manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution, he brings design directions, disruptive thinking and operational management to FUELL.

Dan Hurda

Director of Engineering

After obtaining his degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from MIT in 1995, Dan joined Buell Motorcycle in 1997 and has held since then growing responsibilities in the fields of engineering, platform management and certification for Buell, Harley-Davidson and most recently EBR.
Dan was in his last positon the Director of Engineering at EBR and has in-depth experience of bringing motorcycles from concept to production.

Ed Laben

Director of Sourcing and Manufacturing

Trained as an engineer, Ed’s professional career started in 1984 at the Outboard Marine Corp before joining Harley-Davidson in 1991. At Harley, he developed over 13 years an impressive track record in sourcing and procurement, being involved in key projects including the co-development of the V-Rod in Germany with Porsche. He then moved to Buell Motorcycle as engineering purchasing manager, before joining EBR as Director of Sourcing in 2010.

Artem Smirnov


After obtaining his degree in Industrial Design from Vitebsk State Technological University (Belarus) in 2010, Artem followed his passion for vehicles and designed both interior and exterior of cars for the Russian market. He moved into the freelance world in 2015, developing numerous concepts of vehicles from design to pre-production prototypes. Winner of the Rostec design contest in 2016, he also developed motorcycle and e-bike concepts that drew interest from publications to manufacturers.